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How To Start A Home Food Business

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Starting a business is a major step in your life that fills you with an overwhelming amount of joy. Making the decision to do it is your first step up the hill, there will be ups and downs that meet you on your way up. You will have to trust yourself, dedicate all you can and follow the right procedure.

What to Do Before Starting the Home Food Business


The food industry involves a lot of laws surrounding it with good reason. The food we consume needs to be safe for consumption and the food producer needs to be protected in case of an incident that call for them to prove their innocence. Getting the right certification will ensure you know what you are and not allowed to do as well as protect you in case of a customer who has issues that they claim are illegal. If a complaint is filed the inspectors are able to verify you have no issues and your work and your certifications are up to date.


Home food Business, Hygiene
Image: Sirli Jung

Anything consumed by people has to be clean to avoid health hazards. To avoid them ensure all surfaces where food is laid out is thoroughly cleaned so there is no contamination. The refrigerator has to be set at the right temperature to keep the food fresh, spoiled should also be tossed out to avoid food poisoning.


Excitement is a great thing however you have to be considerate of those around you. You can do this by limiting the noise as you move around your home preparing the meals. Smoke levels should be low so it doesn’t affect them health wise or even frighten them, you can also inform them earlier if the food you make might affect them negatively. If you are considerate and kind your neighbors might come to support you and your business by becoming customers.


As you work you might get many clients and the work is too much for you or overwhelming and you need help. In this case you may choose to hire someone to help which is okay but in certain places it is not allowed. There may be rules are not aware of that could impact you negatively such as marketing and employment. It’s better to be safe than sorry so you should get to the ins and outs of the house rules where you live as well as governmental laws.


Before you start the process you have to do research and while researching you have to take a moment to look at the avenues you can use to market your business. You can use the regular food review apps or word of mouth but that is not enough to get many customers. There are several ways such as creating a social media site for it or even an app where you can get buyers.

How to Price Food

Image: Chan Walrus

Pricing of a product is a difficult task most times because you have to create a price in which you gain value for your time in profits as well as being acceptable and affordable for your clients. When a customer buys your food, they buy the experience they have with the flavors and service so your goal as a producer you have to keep in mind their happiness and satisfaction.

When starting the business, you are eager to push the product out but you have to sit and look at the financials. People make simple errors that have a major impact on the sales. The errors often made are:

Blind pricing

This is where you set a price based on estimate or profits instead of sitting down and factoring in everything. When setting a price for food you have to take several things into account such as the ingredients used. It could be a simple dish with expensive ingredients added in so you have to take notes.

The dish might also be a special request that needed extra care for special cases such as allergens or dietary restrictions as a result of an illness. You might want to price equally but it might not add up so you have to work out an accurate amount so you can get profit in the end. The containers used to place the food should be considered when pricing. It might be a lot of work but worth it in the end to realize maximum profits without hurting yourself or clients.

Market value

The effort you put in to your work is important so you will expect rewards. When rewarding yourself you should look around you to see what is happening in the same environment so that you cannot be crushed by the competition. Seeing value in your time is natural so you might place your products at a price that is fifty per cent higher than the rest of the industry. This will make clients avoid you and seek cheaper options. When pricing look around at the value of similar dishes and place your products within the same range.


Food is a unique experience and each time it is made it gives the same feeling, however setting yourself apart from the rest of the competition is the best way to attract attention. If the food you create is different from what people are used to you can sell it at a higher price than the rest so got to the attic , storage unit or grandmas home and get the old family recipes and get to work. The old, warm charm is what will drive people back for more and get you more money.

How to increase sales

Reputation, food reviews


Never underestimate the power of words whether good or bad so as a business owner you should work hard to build a positive reputation. The first step to this is to build trust with your customers. This can be done by listening to what they want as they could have allergies, likes and dislikes. You can also work as hard and as fast as you can to provide timely and quality service. Once trust is built, you could ask your clients to give customer reviews. Accept both positive and negative reviews as they give you an opportunity to grow.


First impression matters. The photos you take are the face of your business so make sure you take professional photos that attract people. You can also make your dishes stand out from the rest by adding a spice or decorating in a new style. Lastly make sure the food you present is fresh and good. Having a great first impression will help you beat the completion.


Maintaining brand loyalty is important so you should follow up and push for repeat orders. You can achieve this by following up with your customers, especially those who gave you 5 star reviews to thank them. You can also collect a method of contact so you can inform them about new menu items and deals being offered.


Standing out of the crowd should be your target as a business owner. Creating new and unique dishes catches people’s interests and gives them something to brag and talk about when mentioning food their family and friends should try.

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