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Habits Of Fit Women You Should Follow

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The decision to make life changes is nothing new especially in matters of fitness and wellness. Going online you see these beautiful, strong and fit women showing their bodies and in a quiet voice you murmur I want to be like them. So in your motivated bubble you decide to take up the challenge but end up failing or not getting the same results.

This imitation of one or two habits alone is not enough to bring permanent change but a complete lifestyle change will. What you need before going for the run you pick up on impulse and end up quitting a week later is a change of mindset. Transforming how you look at things is the best way to change your life. Whatever you do won’t feel burdensome and fit women know this. They have taken the time which could be a day or years to grow and transform their mindset to the point where changes they made to their life are long lasting.

Once you have the right mindset you have to start adopting great habits. These are the habits that fit women have that you should know about.

Enjoy your exercise

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

It’s a new year so you want better for yourself. Your nights are spent on Google compiling lists on workouts to do when you start hitting the gym. YouTube tutorials are watched and membership money on the table or paid. All you have to do is get up at 5 a.m and work your way to your dream body.

That’s not how it works if you want to ensure long term success. The thing about exercise that most trainers will tell you is it is not a punishment. These women rocking amazing bodies you dream of find joy in their workouts. The run she goes on every morning could be a way to relax her mind and lower her stress levels. She dances for one or more hours daily because she enjoys it. By enjoying your workouts, you can stick to them on the long term.

To eat or not to eat

Photo by : Ella Olsson

How do you decide what to eat? Do you ask yourself,

  1. What do I want to eat today?
  2. What should I not eat?

It looks simple doesn’t it? The difference is massive. How you look at your food will be a reflection of your future successes.

A quick glance at diet culture, you realize there is a pattern of two things that result in failure. First is labeling foods as good foods and bad foods. Vegetables are good for you but carbs are bad for you which is not true. Carbs provide fuel to your body and vegetables have carbs. Now that you realize that, they come in with ‘there are good carbs and bad carbs’. The constant distinction leads to the second pattern.

With your knowledge of certain foods being bad you will decide to take them out. White rice is bad, let me stop eating it. This is an unhealthy way to look at things as it does a lot of damage to how you look at food. Which is why the earlier questions a, and b might be hard to answer.

Fit women have a healthy relationship with food. They don’t find shame in what they eat but enjoy the experience of it. A healthy relationship with food means that you eat when hungry and stop when full. What you eat is balanced meal that doesn’t involve cutting out entire food groups.

As you begin your journey you need to look at things from a different angle. First food is good for you so you should enjoy it. Each bite of a meal carries years of experience with it and a history.

Second, add instead of subtract from your meals. If you have a diet that you consider unhealthy such as eating a lot of fast food, try adding more vegetables to your meals. By adding the new foods such as vegetables with every meal you will become fuller faster with a balanced meal. The amount of fast food you eat daily will decrease.

Fit Women are always active

Photo: Roberto Hund

Periods of activity should not be limited to the time spent in the gym. Fit women are always moving. Not just random movements like pacing around but moving with intent. They might choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator or go for lunch ten minutes away so they can have a relaxing stroll during the day. Benefits of constant movement are not just limited to step counts, they have an impact mental health and sleep.

When working you brain works hard to focus on the tasks to be achieved which can be dull. So walking up and down the stairs or a five minute walk around the office relaxes your mind as well as making you more active. Eliminating boredom in the monotony of work can help in reducing chances of burn out and make you even more productive.

 This also extends to outside of work. If you live close to work you could walk home, if not you can take your dog on a walk or simply go for an evening stroll with your partner. On weekends you can go on hikes or for a refreshing run. When cooking and cleaning turn on some music and dance.

They know when to rest

“Live a life that is well balanced; don’t do things in excess.” Daniel Smith

There is a time for everything including a time to rest. If you want to live a healthy life you have to give your body time to recover after being active all day. Rest can be achieved in different ways for fit women; one is by taking a cat nap when they feel tired. Being active is fun but there are days when you are simply exhausted so if you have a ten minute break take a short nap to power up.

Second they have rest days in their work out schedule. These days allow the body to recover from the exercise and to rebuild. On these rest days they perform stretches to soothe the body. This also applies to when they have an injury or are sick. They never push their bodies when they cannot perform to the best instead allow a period of healing.

They sleep

Photo by: Andrea Piacquadio

How many hours do you sleep? From age 18 – 60 years you need to sleep 7+ hours per day. Sleep is one of the best medicines in the world and here is why.

  • Can help prevent excessive weight gain. Sleep is a modulator of your neuroendocrine function which impact your metabolism and eating and drinking behavior. Without sleep the hormones ghrelin and leptin are affected which throw your appetite off balance. Over time you find it difficult to differentiate hunger and appetite levels resulting in over eating and weight gain.
  • Better sleep can boost mood. When sleep deprived you are more irritable, impatient, anxious and tired. Your mood definitely plummets as you aren’t able to perform effectively which is why fit women always get their recommended hours of sleep.
  • Sleeping can increase productivity. When you sleep you get rid of the tiredness that hangs over you so you wake up with increased energy levels. You are able to perform your tasks to the best of your ability. Sleep can increase exercise performance.
  • Improved brain performance. There is a saying, ‘let me sleep on it’ which carries truth in it. By sleeping you are able to solve problems, think clearly and strengthen your memory. You get major mental boost by getting a few hours of shut eye.
  • Improved mental health. According to J Clin Psychiatry, ‘Of all the psychiatric disorders associated with insomnia, depression is the most common. It has been estimated that 90% of patients with depression complain about sleep quality.’ While there are other factors at play contributing to a decline in mental health, not sleeping enough worsens the situation.

Know Their Nutritional Needs

Fit women know their nutritional needs
Photo by: Yaroslav Shuraev

The topic of food is wide and many fit women know that. In some YouTube videos the women often say ‘what works for me will not work for everyone’ which is the truth. Bodies are different and certain elements like genetics, race or even the environment can affect you. This is why diets that work for some people don’t work for others.

The process of getting to know your body’s nutritional needs takes time, in some case years as you go through various life changes. A diet or a ‘what I eat in a day’ video is meant to be a guide that you can use to make needed changes in your life.

Following fad diets or someone else’s plan works for a short time but at times end up failing. Make your way of eating a lifestyle change instead of just a meal plan change. Let what you each match with other aspects of your changes such as exercise, work and other activities.

Recognize foods that make you feel great and those that don’t. If you prefer yogurt in the morning instead of oatmeal, fit it into your meals. Breakfast is an important meal but if you cannot stomach meals early then add that to your lifestyle. Listening to your body is the best way to make lasting changes in your life.

Bottom Line

Fit women simply know their bodies. Time, work and dedication mean nothing when you don’t know your body and its needs because those habits don’t stick. Take your time to understand what your body needs and what fits. Failure is part of the journey and a lesson on what works and doesn’t. People are different and so are their bodies which is why you should use fit women as a guide and tweak their meal plans and other advice to suit your taste. The core habits are what this article explored, the rest is for you to explore.

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