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Created by Susan .A. Odawa, Eve’s Digest is a respected and reputable authority in creating content for women. We offer a diverse knowledge pool that aims to inform and educate with frank and factual information that keeps you in the know and improves your life.

Our aim is to inform and educate on topics such as:

We offer guidance that helps you heal your financial health as well as build a better relationship with money. The topics we cover are advice on safe investments, increasing your net worth and securing a healthy retirement.

As women, we make up almost half of the global workforce yet are still met with adversity. Here we aim to break traditional barriers by providing information that is both insightful and uplifting when tackling the challenges you face. Eve’s Digest helps you identify and reach your career goals by giving tips and guides that help you understand what you need.

Slow living movement

We believe your home should be a place where love, memories and comfort can be found. Whether a mansion or a rented room, we give you ways to make it a grounded space that feels welcoming when you come back. Whether it’s décor, home improvements, organizing or entertaining, we have it all covered.

The bonds you create between yourself and others are irreplaceable and an experience. We give advice on forming healthy relationships and bonds with those in your life and guiding you on when to walk away. Relationships, dating, friendships and even sex are the topics we will explore as they are part of your life

At Eve’s Digest we believe you are beautiful and work hard to help you show it. Historically clothes, hair and even skin were a testament to the time and held symbolic meaning. They are the first form of communication when meeting others in person, and we want you to put your best foot forward in a way that is your own but elevated. We talk about the latest in the fashion industry and how to be sustainable in the fast paced industry.

You are an invaluable member of the society. Both your body and mind contribute to the well-being of the world directly and indirectly which is why maintaining your health is something very important. The food you consume, your sleep, mental and physical health are topics Eve’s Digest boldly dives into to give the best advice.


All work and no play make Jill a dull girl. In a fast paced world where being productive and working is applauded while rest is perceived negatively, we want to change the narrative. The daily stresses we go through leave us burned out and feeling like we have barely lived. In the leisure category, we will give you invaluable advice on making the most out of your free time while connecting with the world. Whether it’s traveling locally or abroad, our tips and guides will help you get memorable experiences.

You are part of a community thus the culture affects you. It could be literature, music, film and arts; we cover topics that affect those communities with in depth articles on the happenings.

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