a close up shot of a pair of black leather loafers

6 Best Types of Loafers You Should Own

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Driving Loafers

What do you wear when you drive?

A study done by UK price comparison website revealed that nearly 80 percent of women drivers wear unsafe shoes when they’re behind the wheel. 40 per cent of women stated they wear heels, 39 per cent wear wedges and other unsafe shoes as well as 22 percent admit to driving barefoot.

None of these are safe driving habits. Fashion should not come at the expense of your life which is why you should have a pair of driving loafers. A soft shoe that is versatile can be worn in summer or fall, in business casual and casual settings. When it comes to driving, they are designed to give you greater control behind the wheel with their small rubber pebble sole that extend to the back of the heel for added grip on the pedals.

These easy to wear slip on shoes are a combination of the classic penny loafer and traditional moccasin flexible silhouette that gives a stylish yet functional item in your closet. The added bonus is they won’t create pressure or pinch like structured leather as they are laceless and made to be snug and comfortable.

Next time you fancy a drive and want elegant shoes that work well with your jeans, trousers, shorts, dress or skirt a pair of driving loafers should cross your mind.

The Driver from Rothys

Soft, flexible upper in desert rose—which means no break-in period, ever. 

Dual-density insoles in soft purple create an exceptionally comfortable feel. 

Gum outsoles with raised nubs in plum purple and gum for extra grip and durability. 

A plum purple and cream stripe graces the heel of the shoe. 

Fully machine washable, so they’re like new again and again. 

Our shoes don’t stretch much—so make sure they are not too snug.

Penny Loafers

A true classic pair of shoes that graced the feet of Hollywood actresses in the media in the 1930s and 1940s. In the 50s and early 60s they were often seen worn with a pair of socks. In the 70s they fell out of favor, it was the decade of hippies and sandals, penny loafers didn’t fit in at that time. When the 80s came around they were back on people’s feet and haven’t left since.

For 80+ years the penny loafers have been fashionable footwear for all genders. They are a need in your shoe collection as they offer both the professional and casual feminine aesthetic you desire and a masculine feel if you choose. They are designed to accommodate all with the flexible designs.

Penny Loafers have the horizontal strap or saddle that sits across the instep with the ease of wear signature of the loafers. Originally they were made in black and brown colors but the color pallet has expanded as well as the material. From boardrooms to vacation spots the penny loafer is a beloved shoe you should own that is appreciated across the world, cultures  and of course your closet.

Madison Perf by LifeStride

Heeled Loafers

A report by the Spine Health Institute revealed that 49 percent of 18-24-years-olds, 42 percent of women ages 20-49, and 34 percent of women 50 and over wear heels. With 43.7 per cent of working women wearing them daily.

To fit the demand the designers and makers of loafers joined the market to provide heeled loafers that met the need to be comfortable yet stylish in a pair of heels.. Heeled loafers are polished work wear that suits your preference for a one inch heel or a four inch heel.

Platform Loafer

These loafers take you back in time to late twentieth and twenty first century. They combine the beloved loafers with the platform heel to create wonderful shoes. Versace’s Medusa Aevitas shoes were one of the spearheads that grew the craze. They are eye catching and offer more stability when walking.

Image: Medusa Aevitas Platform Pumps

Chunky Loafers

Are often designed with a lug soles which are thick and have deep indentations to improve stability and traction. This combined with the comfort and versatility of the loafers provide a shoe with a weighty feel that can be worn with cocks to look stylish in chilly weather. The chunky loafers are not just for the chilly weather as the adaptable design makes them an all seasons wear if you want. They were in a 90s girl’s shoe rotation and are still tasteful to date.

Backless Loafers

loafers- people wearing fashionable footwear
Image: cottonbro

A loafer and a mule met, fell in love and had the beautiful, comfortable and stylish backless loafer. From the penny loafer they carry the instep strap that can be buckles or fringe; from the mules they carry the backless design. By being literally slip o they make it easy to wear so on the go they are your go to. They give an effortless look with skirts, dresses or jeans. The designs are also diverse from the platform heel to the one inch heel.

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